The Boot

Last Thursday the cast tech took the drill to my cast. The sound is much the like the soft buzz of a meat slicer. It’s a short blade that couldn’t injure my leg.  He started at the top of my leg. As he reached the ankle I could feel the vibrations around the bones of my ankle, a kind of tinkling sensation, not unpleasant. He did both sides then took these spreaders that pulled the cast apart. Big bandage scissors cut through the stockinette and I was free.

Prior to this I had been able to wiggle my toes, but now could move them, although stiffly.  I looked at  my ankle and noted that it was still swollen, could be just from the drive to the doctor and a bit of shopping. The skin on my feet looked crusty and uncared for. Pulling off the cast caused bits of dried skin to fall on the floor.

An xray showed that the fibula is healing well, but I still need support for a few weeks.  I was fitted with a walking boot, given easy exercises to do for now and I was on my way. I am to gradually increase my weight bearing each week. I will see the doctor in three weeks, perhaps to graduate to an ankle brace. I can go back to work when I can bear weight without assistance. I will wear the brace for a couple of months.

The boot is more bulky than the cast, but it protects my toes better. The velco straps are industrial strength, I have to really yank then to get them apart. If I don’t fold them over on themselves, they get stuck to everything.  I can wear a sock so I am warmer. The boot doesn’t fit as well on the scooter either.

As soon as I walked through the door at home I headed to the bathroom.  I sat on the shower bench with my foot in a tub of hot water, epsom salt and lavender essential oil. I scrubbed much of the dead skin off my leg and foot, the water was not clear.  I guess I put a bit extra of lavender because I was so relaxed afterwards.  I continue the foot soaks.  My feet have never had it so good.

I’ve started on the crutches, no big deal.  My ankle feels fine with a little bit of weight on it. I’m back and forth between crutches and scooter in the house.  I can carry things with the scooter.  I’ll be fine once the scooter needs to go back.

The exercises are easy for now.  Ankle rotations. Using a stretchy band to flex and contract the ankle.
As I do this I visualize the feel of the gas pedal. Keeps me motivated on that one.  Another exercise is writing the ABC’s with my foot.  Think about it…good rotation.

So I am well on my way back to work. Maybe another month. The experience has caused me to slow down, catch up on a few projects and reflect on what is important to me.  If I ever figure that out I will let you know.


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