Library Books Due

Over fifty years ago I went into the Lane Public Library on Third Street in Hamilton, Ohio and signed up for my first library card. Today have my second overdue book in all that time.

I remember walking into the library in anticipation of a card of my own. I worked hard to sign my card as neatly as I could. Such an occasion, walking out of the library with my orange library card, probably tucked away someplace for safety. And probably a couple of books too.

I’ve cherished having a library card ever since even though for a lot years I spent more time in bookstores than in the library.  But there is something about a library.

For the past couple of months I have been scouting out the different libraries in the Sno-Isle system checking out knitting books.  I’d check them out, look through them and copy patterns I liked. (In addition to being addicted to knitting, I am addicted to knitting patterns.)  The week before I broke my ankle I was in Lynnwood doing some shopping, so I stopped in the library to peruse their knitting book collection.  I ended up checking out ten books.  I left them in the car to read when I was on the ferry or when Al drove.  The patterns I liked I marked to copy.  My plan was to stop stop at the library closest to me and copy them. I copy them at the library even though it costs me ten cents because the copy machine is bigger and makes better copies than my printer at home. Once they were copied I’d just return them. I had all these little pieces of scrap paper marking patterns I liked.  But not the time to stop.  Now I don’t have the means because of my ankle.

When I realized they were getting close to being due I went to the website to renew them.  I could do that  for all but one. So here I am with one book that is over due.  Next time we pass a library I will drop it into the bin.  I know someone else is waiting to make some beautiful piece of art for a loved one.

I don’t have a plan for the other nine. After my doctor’s appointment next week I will decide whether I can copy them on my own or just hand them back at the library. Do I really need more patterns?


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