Scooting Around

ME with schooterMy progress is better everyday. The kneeler scooter helps.  I still have things to learn.  It is tough going outside on the gravel of our driveway.  I’ve been mostly staying home.

The scooter can fly too. I have to be careful on the hardwood floors.  I remember the walker the boys had when they were babies.  They’d be in the living room on the carpet, then come into the kitchen and fly across the floor using the momentum from their vigorous pushes on the carpet.  That’s what can happen to me when I go from the bedroom to the hallway. The difference is that they had shorter level of gravity.

Being on the scooter has shown me how weak I am all over.  Most of us have our habits of how we do things and maintain adequate strength to do those things.  I’m realizing how weak my arm strength  is; could be why I had so much trouble with the crutches and keeping balance. Getting out of low chairs is hard too.

Today I searched my book shelf for Strong Women, Stay Young  by Miriam E. Nelson, Ph.D because I remember the exercises from quite a few years.  I also realize it doesn’t do  any good to just remember exercises, I have to DO them. So I have started working biceps, triceps, deltoid and trapezius muscles using light weights.  I also need to stretch.  I’ve been sitting in lots of awkward positions. I must get stronger to get through this and to prevent further problems as I get older. Notice I didn’t say age.

I’ve also advanced enough to get a shower.  We have these big plastic sleeves that covers up to my thigh. I sit on a bench with my leg outside.  Is there anything better than hot water?

Life is good!

Oh I almost forgot…I was forced postpone my ten-year colonoscopy. Darn!


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