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Looking Out

This morning I laid in bed for a few minutes, looking at the mountain picture on the wall. The foreground is a forest of dark evergreen trees, shading into blue-ish tinted mountains with peaks and valleys. The colors fade lighter and lighter into the distant soft colors of a sunrise in the mountains.

I remember the first time I stood at a viewpoint in Mt. Rainier National Park and saw a sight similar to this and realized that as a child, I sketched pictures like this. A simple drawing of lines showing distance hills and mountains. At that moment I knew I was at home in the Pacific Northwest. My childhood imagination impressed in me a connection to the mountains where I feel peace surrounding me in the trees, waterfalls and mountains.

This morning I saw something different in the picture. Today is my last day at Island Home Nursing. I visualize myself as in the foreground of the picture, the tall evergreen trees that have definition and purpose. The rest of the picture is not clear. Fuzzy. Hazy. Peaks and valleys. And beautiful. Inspiring. Many people climb mountains just to see what is on the other side.

For me, my strength is in the trees, my dreams in the peaks and valleys of the mountains. The journey up and down where I will learn lessons, grow stronger and realize the dreams that rest in my heart.

I will never look at the picture the same way again. Each time I walk into my bedroom, I will see my journey. I will count the dreams that I have realized already and I will keep dreaming. A long endless journey with joy in every step.


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