A Red Peony

Memorial Day and peonies go together.

My memory of Memorial Day is three pound coffee cans sitting in the old refrigerator in the basement full of budding pink, white and red peonies waiting to be taken to the cemetery on Memorial Day.  All the week before the holiday we watched the peonies.  Would they bloom too soon?  Or not soon enough?

Here in the Pacific Northwest on this Memorial Day 2012, I sit at my window and see one red peony blooming and ready to drop in petals to the ground.  We have picked one that has already dropped its petals all over the counter in the kitchen.  I see twenty more buds  waiting to pop open once the sun warms them.  The scent will be marvelous.

I think about all those graves back in Hamilton at St. Stephan’s cemetery.  Many more than when I helped take flowers to the cemetery.  I think of the stories lost and buried under those headstones.  Not all of them lost though.  I’d best get busy and write them.

Their stories.  My flowers for the tombstones.


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