I knit socks.  And probably anyone reading this blog knows that I knit socks.

Most of my socks I handwash in the bathroom sink.  I wrap them up in a bath towel to soak up the excess water, then I hang them on the shower door to dry.  Sometimes if the bathroom door gets closed, I walk in and wonder what the smell is.  I realize it is the smell of wet wool.

I just unwrapped yesterday’s socks from the wet towel and hung them up in the bathroom, along with the ones I hung up yesterday. (They can take up to two days to dry, according the thickness of the wool.)  What wonderful rainbow of color.  Blue in the shade of the late afternoon sky.  A deep red the color of a nice dark cabernet.  A green-blue-black that reminds of the colors in a dark thick forest.  A pink/purple stripe that’s just fun.

I need a bright yellow-orange, the color of the sun as it sets at Double Bluff.  Or a soft yellow like the Goldilocks rose outside my window.

I need a light green the color of the grass  that seems to grow faster every time Al cuts the grass.

I need bright wild crazy colors all mixed together.  But wait!  I have sock yarn in my stash named “Crayons.”  My direction is set!

I knit socks.  I make my own rainbows.


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