Potato Salad

Summer picnics always meant my mother’s German potato salad.  No one else could make it like she did and no one tried.  If Mommy were being crowned Queen of England, she would have had to make the potato salad for the celebration.

She told me her secret and when we moved to Washington I started making German potato salad.  When I took it to a picnic everyone enjoyed the treat, as German potato salad is not native to Seattle.  And we knew a lot of Midwest transplants.

Al and I would occasionally fix potato salad.  Matt and Patrick didn’t seem to care for it.  I thought the family tradition would die.

Last week Patrick asked me to make “your potato salad” for the Mother’s Day barbeque he and Tiffany planned for her mother, Carol, and me.  I was stunned.  I thought maybe since Carol was also from the Midwest that she had requested it.  But no, it was Pat.  In the past few years, while I was not paying attention, he began to eat German potato salad at our Fourth of July picnics.

Everyone ate it and just about a spoonful was left.

The tradition lives.  I will pass the secret to Pat and Tiffany, sooner than Mommy did to me. I don’t want to cook for my coronation.



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