My Mother’s Ring

When Mommy died in 1991, Daddy gave her engagement and wedding rings to me.  Since I am not a much of a “diamond girl” or wore extra jewelry, the rings have remained in a box in our safe.  Every once in a while I would think about making something else out of the diamonds.

The ring has a center stone with three small diamonds on each side.  Mommy’s fingers had swollen over the years and the rings was stretched big.  The wedding band is thin and has both of their names and date spelled out inside.

A while back I began to think about having the ring sized to fit my right hand middle finger.  A couple of weeks ago as I picked up my rings from being serviced, I asked about having the engagement ring sized to fit me.  The price was very affordable so I made the decision to got for it.  I picked it up last week, sized, cleaned and polished.  It looks beautiful on my hand.

Where will this ring travel next?  I have a plan.  This year my parents would have been married 71 years.  On December 27, 2041 I will give it to someone.  Not sure who that will be, probably that person isn’t even born yet.  That’s the plan.  What a Christmas season that will be!

Do you have plans for your family treasures?


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  1. Angela Schrichte-King

    This made me cry but they were happy tears as I closed my eyes and watched a movie of Ohio memories.

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