Kentucky Derby

Last Saturday was the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby.  When Al and I lived in Kentucky there was always a Derby party to attend, many of them at our house.  In 1984 right before we moved to Washington, we had about 75 people celebrating the Derby at our house and saying good-by to us. (And all we had was a 30-inch TV, can you imagine that!)

My only time to attend the Derby was in 1974 with my friend Carolyn and her boyfriend’s family.  That was the 100th running of the Derby.  We sat in the infield, drank mint juleps, stood in long lines for the bathroom and I got sunburned.  I don’t remember the numbers, but there were a lot of us in the infield.  I didn’t see any of the race, just a bunch of horses flying by.  Watching the race wasn’t the point, it was the party.

The 100th running of the Kentucky Derby was my first “trip” on my own in my 1972 yellow Chevy Nova.  I graduated from nursing school the October before, gotten an apartment in January  and here I was traveling to Louisville from Cincinnati on my own.  I may have gone to Richmond where Carolyn and David attended Eastern Kentucky University and ridden with them.

I still have my 100th anniversary mint julep glass.  It was cracked on that day and repaired and sits in my china cabinet.

I also applied and received my first credit card for that trip.



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