Crown Royal

Last Tuesday Al and I were eating dinner at Applebee’s and watching our Mariners lose to Tampa Bay.  One of the commercials was for Black Crown Royal.  My knowledge of Crown Royal is that it is an expensive whiskey that I don’t like.  But the bottle is packaged in a soft cloth bag inside of a box.  The bag has a drawstring and it is the perfect bag for a small knitting project like socks.  I have a purple one.

Last night Al and I went to Mo’s Pub in Langley.  (This was a good week for going out, we usually don’t go out this much, but I needed to relax from a very busy week at work.)  We sat at the bar with our friends Gus and Jan.  They were waiting for other friends of ours, Larry and Jan. So we joined them in waiting for a table.  Al noticed that the guy behind the bar, I think is name was Chris, had stuffed a purple Crown Royal bag into the corner and said, “Hey, my wife loves those.”  I looked over and he handed me several.  I was excited and then asked if he had any black ones.  He had some fun with me and acted affronted that I couldn’t be satisfied with purple and asked for them back.  I realized my mistake, apologized for not being grateful for the purple ones.  He smiled and gave me a couple more.  All in good fun.

Larry said he used to keep his marbles in a Crown Royal bag.  Matt has several.  He uses his to store his picture negatives, as a first aid kit with all of his Nikken wraps and to store is camera and video camera.

I now have four new purple Crown Royal bags.  Dare I start a pair of socks for each bag?  I have the needles.  I have the yarn.  How would I chose which to knit?  Another way to clutter my brain.  I think I’ll find other uses.

What other uses can anyone suggest?

Where did you keep your treasures when you were a kid?  Where do you now?


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