In yesterday’s post I wrote about my printer not cooperating and  letting me print Save the Date cards to be distributed at the Annual Baby Island Saratoga Club Spring Tea.  Here’s a little bit more about our annual tea.

BISC’s mission is raise money for scholarships for South Whidbey Island students.  The only fundraiser for this is the Annual Tea.  The women of the club bring their tea sets, silver, and linens to decorate each table with a character of its own.  They prepare the little tea sandwiches, desserts and, of course, tea.  A speaker comes to entertain as we munch on the sweets.

The main fundraisers are baskets donated and put together by club members and businesses in the community.  Raffle tickets are sold, this year $2 or 6 for $10.  An added item this year was a local business owner, Jan Morten of Rejuvenation Day Spa.  She donated a Girls Night Out package that could include up to six women with a variety of spa treatments, wine and refreshments.  The tickets for this were $20.

I am already a regular customer of Jan’s.  And I wanted to win this package.  The idea of sharing an evening with friends and being pampered excited me.

And I won!!!

The reason I am posting about this is for something else that happened yesterday.  I am often jealous at people who can show real emotion when something happens to them.  I am a quiet person, not too excitable. I’ve always wondered if I would be able to really show my emotions when something exciting happened.

Well, I know now that I can show emotion.  As the numbers were being read off and the long pause for the last number I raised my two fingers for that #2 on my ticket and when it was called I raised my arms and screamed.  I was told later that I was stomping my feet, but I don’t remember that.

I am happy that as I’m getting older I am getting more free.  The real me is bursting out.

By the way, we raised more than $1000 for scholarships.


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  1. Barb

    Mary Ellen, I can see you in my mind, and I know it would have been wonderful fun to be there with you and see your joy!! We really do not know how we will react when things happen – good or bad! Your dad always had a funny & crazy way about him – so did my dsd – maybe that’s where you get it! You probably repressed it, as our Fathers could be a little embarrassing at times!! Now those happy times are very much treasured! Love you!! God bless you always and give you much joy – and maybe grandbabies!!! Mom always told me after Heather was born, “I love my kids, but I LOVE my grandkids!!” Now I know what she means!

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