I have a project I committed to for the Baby Island Saratoga Club.  This year is our 60th anniversary.  We will have an Open-to-the Public Picnic this summer.  Today is our Annual Tea to raise money for scholarships for local students.  Our committee thought it would be a good idea to have some Save the Date cards to give to our guests today.

I worked on Microsoft Publisher and designed a cute card to be printed on card stock paper, bought the paper and started out.  One copy printed, incorrectly because the paper stuck.  Then my printer said “Cartridge Error: Left cartridge must be replaced.”  For two days now I have fiddled with the printer.  There should be nothing wrong with the cartridge.  I put it in a couple of weeks ago and it has worked fine.

Yesterday I had the idea that when I have had trouble with my printer in the past if I uninstalled the printer, then reinstalled it I could usually get the glitch worked out.   So before I went to work I “uninstalled.”  When I came home from work, I “installed.”

That didn’t do the trick.  So the cards will not be printed for today’s event.

But I got to thinking of this “uninstall/install” feature I use on my computer.  What if I could practice this in my life when it comes to my habits and my thinking.  Now this time it didn’t work for my computer, but it usually does.  A computer program has so much behind the scene connections that are working all the time as we do our everyday computer activities.

Just like my brain.  Only I don’t have a disc to insert to uninstall the programs I have been building for almost sixty years.

I do have my thoughts and emotions.  I can pay attention to how I am feeling.  I can pay attention to what I am thinking.  I can be intentional with my actions.  My programs made me who I am today.  My thoughts and actions today form my programs for the future and who I will be.

I’m glad I don’t have an “uninstall” button.


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