Back Into The World

Last Sunday evening I started with a dry cough. Very annoying.  Monday morning, I couldn’t get out of bed.  Cough, fever, aches, pains, weakness.  It wasn’t until Friday I even got dressed.  Taking a shower required a nap afterwards.  Fortunately for me, Al was there to push me to eat, fixing whatever I favored at the time.  He had a tough job.

It was not a good week for me to be off work (is it ever?)

Yesterday I got dressed for the first time.  I graduated to the recliner and watched West Wing DVD’s with Al all afternoon and was able to eat Skyline chile for supper.

Today, I stayed up all day.  I had to.  I took the sheets off the bed as soon as I got up and threw them in the washer.  Tonight was a salmon dinner at church.  Al was cooking.  All my friends were going to be there.  I must get well enough to go.  I did get well enough and had a wonderful time.  Great dinner and a couple glasses of wine.  Wonderful company with my closest friends.

There are times to just lay back and heal.  Then the time comes to celebrate  and rejoice in your healing.  Tonight was that time for me.  And it is always better to share that time.  I am blessed with occasions and friends to celebrate.



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