Tai Chi

Tonight at Tai Chi we learned more about everything in the body being connected.  When I move one part of my body a certain way, a different part of my body moves too.

I am taking Tai Chi classes to improve my strength and balance.  I am learning life lessons too.  Paying attention to what is happening in another part of my body when I take a certain action.  Sounds like a good thing to do at work, when I’m driving, when I’m cooking.  Slowing  down and paying attention.  Focusing on movement, not speed to get through the routine.  An example of this is right here in my blog.  I could have come home and written just about the exercise part of the class.  Instead I am applying the lessons of the class and sharing them with my readers.  Another thing to learn and apply is about the pain.  I am not in pain, but I can feel that I moved and stretched my body tonight.  I am stronger because of it.  The more I do it the stronger I will become.

The site for our class is a community room right on the water.  Last week the tide was way out, this week the water lapped against the sea wall.  The sun set on the water as we worked.  I drove home along the water with the last bit of the sun.

I appreciate everything about the evening.



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