Sunday Driving

Today after church Al and I drove to Oak Harbor for brunch and a little shopping.  The day started out with a beautiful sunrise.  By the time we were driving up the island it was a high sunny sky.  We ate and shopped and headed home.  We were tired, but decided to drive by the water as much as possible.  The Olympics shone with snow on the tops of the mountains as we drove down West Beach Road.  We stopped at Ft. Ebey State Park and drove around the campground.  The state park campgrounds in Washington are as natural as can when accommodating trailers and RV’s.  I wanted get out and camp right then.  The trail from the campground leads all the way to Ebey’s Landing.  Another reason to get in shape!

A beautiful Sunday drive.  Only problem…I forgot my camera.  I haven’t learned how to put pictures here yet anyway.

I remember many Sunday drives growing up.  Can’t tell you where we went, but I think Four Mile Creek was the favored site.  Everybody packed in the car, including Grandma Mildred.  Everybody out of the car to throw rocks.  Daddy liked to explore and while I don’t remember how much I liked it then, I sure love Sunday drives now.  Even with the price of gas.


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