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In yesterday’s post I wrote about my printer not cooperating and  letting me print Save the Date cards to be distributed at the Annual Baby Island Saratoga Club Spring Tea.  Here’s a little bit more about our annual tea.

BISC’s mission is raise money for scholarships for South Whidbey Island students.  The only fundraiser for this is the Annual Tea.  The women of the club bring their tea sets, silver, and linens to decorate each table with a character of its own.  They prepare the little tea sandwiches, desserts and, of course, tea.  A speaker comes to entertain as we munch on the sweets.

The main fundraisers are baskets donated and put together by club members and businesses in the community.  Raffle tickets are sold, this year $2 or 6 for $10.  An added item this year was a local business owner, Jan Morten of Rejuvenation Day Spa.  She donated a Girls Night Out package that could include up to six women with a variety of spa treatments, wine and refreshments.  The tickets for this were $20.

I am already a regular customer of Jan’s.  And I wanted to win this package.  The idea of sharing an evening with friends and being pampered excited me.

And I won!!!

The reason I am posting about this is for something else that happened yesterday.  I am often jealous at people who can show real emotion when something happens to them.  I am a quiet person, not too excitable. I’ve always wondered if I would be able to really show my emotions when something exciting happened.

Well, I know now that I can show emotion.  As the numbers were being read off and the long pause for the last number I raised my two fingers for that #2 on my ticket and when it was called I raised my arms and screamed.  I was told later that I was stomping my feet, but I don’t remember that.

I am happy that as I’m getting older I am getting more free.  The real me is bursting out.

By the way, we raised more than $1000 for scholarships.


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I have a project I committed to for the Baby Island Saratoga Club.  This year is our 60th anniversary.  We will have an Open-to-the Public Picnic this summer.  Today is our Annual Tea to raise money for scholarships for local students.  Our committee thought it would be a good idea to have some Save the Date cards to give to our guests today.

I worked on Microsoft Publisher and designed a cute card to be printed on card stock paper, bought the paper and started out.  One copy printed, incorrectly because the paper stuck.  Then my printer said “Cartridge Error: Left cartridge must be replaced.”  For two days now I have fiddled with the printer.  There should be nothing wrong with the cartridge.  I put it in a couple of weeks ago and it has worked fine.

Yesterday I had the idea that when I have had trouble with my printer in the past if I uninstalled the printer, then reinstalled it I could usually get the glitch worked out.   So before I went to work I “uninstalled.”  When I came home from work, I “installed.”

That didn’t do the trick.  So the cards will not be printed for today’s event.

But I got to thinking of this “uninstall/install” feature I use on my computer.  What if I could practice this in my life when it comes to my habits and my thinking.  Now this time it didn’t work for my computer, but it usually does.  A computer program has so much behind the scene connections that are working all the time as we do our everyday computer activities.

Just like my brain.  Only I don’t have a disc to insert to uninstall the programs I have been building for almost sixty years.

I do have my thoughts and emotions.  I can pay attention to how I am feeling.  I can pay attention to what I am thinking.  I can be intentional with my actions.  My programs made me who I am today.  My thoughts and actions today form my programs for the future and who I will be.

I’m glad I don’t have an “uninstall” button.

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Back Into The World

Last Sunday evening I started with a dry cough. Very annoying.  Monday morning, I couldn’t get out of bed.  Cough, fever, aches, pains, weakness.  It wasn’t until Friday I even got dressed.  Taking a shower required a nap afterwards.  Fortunately for me, Al was there to push me to eat, fixing whatever I favored at the time.  He had a tough job.

It was not a good week for me to be off work (is it ever?)

Yesterday I got dressed for the first time.  I graduated to the recliner and watched West Wing DVD’s with Al all afternoon and was able to eat Skyline chile for supper.

Today, I stayed up all day.  I had to.  I took the sheets off the bed as soon as I got up and threw them in the washer.  Tonight was a salmon dinner at church.  Al was cooking.  All my friends were going to be there.  I must get well enough to go.  I did get well enough and had a wonderful time.  Great dinner and a couple glasses of wine.  Wonderful company with my closest friends.

There are times to just lay back and heal.  Then the time comes to celebrate  and rejoice in your healing.  Tonight was that time for me.  And it is always better to share that time.  I am blessed with occasions and friends to celebrate.


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Tai Chi

Tonight at Tai Chi we learned more about everything in the body being connected.  When I move one part of my body a certain way, a different part of my body moves too.

I am taking Tai Chi classes to improve my strength and balance.  I am learning life lessons too.  Paying attention to what is happening in another part of my body when I take a certain action.  Sounds like a good thing to do at work, when I’m driving, when I’m cooking.  Slowing  down and paying attention.  Focusing on movement, not speed to get through the routine.  An example of this is right here in my blog.  I could have come home and written just about the exercise part of the class.  Instead I am applying the lessons of the class and sharing them with my readers.  Another thing to learn and apply is about the pain.  I am not in pain, but I can feel that I moved and stretched my body tonight.  I am stronger because of it.  The more I do it the stronger I will become.

The site for our class is a community room right on the water.  Last week the tide was way out, this week the water lapped against the sea wall.  The sun set on the water as we worked.  I drove home along the water with the last bit of the sun.

I appreciate everything about the evening.


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Sunday Driving

Today after church Al and I drove to Oak Harbor for brunch and a little shopping.  The day started out with a beautiful sunrise.  By the time we were driving up the island it was a high sunny sky.  We ate and shopped and headed home.  We were tired, but decided to drive by the water as much as possible.  The Olympics shone with snow on the tops of the mountains as we drove down West Beach Road.  We stopped at Ft. Ebey State Park and drove around the campground.  The state park campgrounds in Washington are as natural as can when accommodating trailers and RV’s.  I wanted get out and camp right then.  The trail from the campground leads all the way to Ebey’s Landing.  Another reason to get in shape!

A beautiful Sunday drive.  Only problem…I forgot my camera.  I haven’t learned how to put pictures here yet anyway.

I remember many Sunday drives growing up.  Can’t tell you where we went, but I think Four Mile Creek was the favored site.  Everybody packed in the car, including Grandma Mildred.  Everybody out of the car to throw rocks.  Daddy liked to explore and while I don’t remember how much I liked it then, I sure love Sunday drives now.  Even with the price of gas.

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Today as I was flinging the clean top sheet on the bed I thought how grateful I was that I had the strength in my arms and back to fling a queen sized sheet in the air.  Then I thought how grateful I was that I can bend over to tuck in the sheet in a nice hospital corner.  Then I thought of the sweet smelling flannel sheets.  I am grateful for my clothes washer and dryer that has everything ready in about two hours.

I need to focus on the everyday things that deserve my gratitude.  The list is endless.

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Two Meetings in One NIght

I am blessed with the people and organizations to which I belong.  Today after a long day at work where I oriented three to people to our company, I had a meeting at 5:30 with Soroptimist of South Whidbey (SISW).  This group raises money for projects to improve the lives of women and girls.  I was happy to sign up to be Captain for our main fundraising event in November.  I will be the Check-In Captain once again.  Last year we raised $20,000 for our projects.  And we had fun doing it.  This year will be just as much fun.  After that meeting I hurried home to a meeting Francia Johnson and Tom and Sharon Vos in planning this event that will celebrate neighbors and the history that can happen when they work together.

These projects and the meetings involved in planning them, take time, but the reward in my heart make such a difference.  I am adding to the community and having fun doing it.  Keep reading for the progress.


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